19 mayo, 2021

CIE Events 2021, Conference of the Midterm Meeting of the CIE and Tutorial on CIE S 026:2018
CIE Events 2021, Conference of the Midterm Meeting of the CIE and Tutorial on CIE S 026:2018


CIE's reminders about their events for 2021, that will be online due to the pandemic this year.

Online event fatigue is sure to be a known outcome from the pandemic. But aren’t we lucky to have all these online tools and resources available to keep us connected – perhaps you’ve met colleagues more than ever before over the past year.

We bet you can’t wait to meet each other face to face again and share in all those unexpected moments where ideas “pop” and new connections are made. In the meanwhile we’d love to have you join us at our online offerings this year.

Here are reminders about CIE’s events for 2021.

CIE 2021 – The Midterm Conference of the CIE

First up, our main event of the year is the conference of the Midterm meeting of the CIE, CIE 2021. This event is hosted by the CIE National Committee of Malaysia, MyCIE with the support of mpevents, who are providing the online resources for this conference.

Abstracts have been submitted, undergone a double blind review and now the authors are being sent notification about the status of their paper. The ISC is forming these papers into the conference programme, a more interesting puzzle to solve than usual with the complexity of time zones to consider.

We can tell you that the programme will include invited speakers, scientific papers, workshops and tutorials on a variety of topics, and a social (YES SOCIAL) programme – something for everyone no matter where in the world or at what time of day you are.

But now for some news you’ve been waiting for – Fees are set and registration is opening for CIE 2021!!

Checkout the special fees for members of CIE National Committees, students and those from developing economies.

Plus for readers who might want to participate and network in other ways to CIE 2021 check out the Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities for CIE 2021.

However you participate in CIE 2021, presenter, attendee, sponsor, exhibitor, we look forward to sharing this conference with you all.

Tutorial on CIE S 026:2018

This is a fantastic opportunity to get in depth information on the understanding and application of CIE S 026/E:2018 CIE System for Metrology of Optical Radiation for ipRGC-Influenced Responses to Light.

After completion of the tutorial participants will be able to:

  • explain and apply the standardized light metrology of CIE S 026 that is based on five (a-opic) retinal photoreceptor types that influence human health and wellbeing via non-visual photoreception and circadian rhythms; and
  • characterize, compare and rudimentarily design lighting environments and spectra that use non-visual photoreception to reinforce human health, sleep, well being and performance in specific user groups.

More information about this tutorial and its format can be found on the event webpage.

Registration is open and as a reminder the early registration deadline is coming soon on May 29, 2021.