16 febrero, 2019

CIE announces new Division Directors for 2019-2023

Los nuevos directores de la CIE

The new Division Directors have been appointed to their roles by the CIE Officers of the Commission.

CIE as an international organization serves the purpose to enable the development of scientific and technical content on all matters pertaining to light and lighting. The CIE Divisions are the bodies responsible for developing this work through the coordination of all our valuable experts,  whose voluntary participation in the work of the Divisions is fundamental to the success of CIE as an organization. Each CIE Division is led by a Division Director and every four years these CIE Leadership roles are reviewed with new Division Directors being appointed as needed. Last year was an occasion for such changes to the leadership of the CIE Divisions, these changes due to  some Division Directors having already served two terms. Having said this we are delighted to announce the  Division Directors for 2019 – 2023 who, having been appointed to their roles by the CIE Officers of the Commission, and are willing and able to undertake these demanding yet rewarding roles.

Check the short biographies of the new Division Directors.